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Imprintable Tags

Imprintable Tags

IMPRINTABLE TAGS save money since select corporate information can be printed by us and then the end-user can imprint final information using a thermal, laser, inkjet, or dot-matrix printer.


  • Stock Selection
    Choose paper or synthetic stock; coated or uncoated to begin your tag. Paper is generally best for indoor applications and synthetic for outdoor, high heat, or very demanding uses. These paper tag stock colors are always available to print. But you can specify virtually any color stock and we’ll source or tint to match.
  • Stock Standard Colors
    Manila, Dark Green, Gray, White, Light Green, Lilac, Red, Yellow, Salmon, Dark Blue, Orange, Buff, Light Blue, Pink.
  • Stock Neon Colors
    Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink.
  • Ordering Checklist
    To help you determine the details of your custom tags, we’ve developed this checklist: stock - paper or synthetic, color; printed one side or two; number of ink colors; size or shape; quantity; numbering, barcoding; format - single or manifold, fanfolded, ganged, or roll form; reinforced hole - fiber patch, metal eyelet, Mylar strip, location and size; special finishing - perforate, score, laminate, hole with slit, etc.; wiring, stringing, hooks; artwork to be supplied.
  • Tag Size
    Visit our website for details.
  • Finishing Options
    SCORING impresses or indents an area to make it easier to fold. PERFORATING makes a series of slits while leaving much of the stock intact which allows for tearing away to be easier. LAMINATING is available in clear matte or gloss finish and offers protection of printed information. UV lamination offers extra protection. SHRINK WRAPPING provides for a specified quantity of tags or labels to be contained in a single package.
  • Reinforcements
    Specify patch and/or metal eyelet, standard patch, mylar strip, and bar type patch.
  • Attachments
    STRINGS - choose from pulled through and knotted (PTK) or looped. Cotton and elastic string available. WIRES - attached with double end or single end; choose from galvanized, copper, or stainless steel. LOOSE STRINGS AND WIRES - choose #5 polished cotton string, plastic coated wire, or galvanized wire. HOOKS - choose deadlock, safety, or meat.

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