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Digital Printing - UV Inkjet Printing

Digital Printing - UV Inkjet Printing

UV INKJET PRINTING in six colors using technology for photo quality reproduction results in vivid colors and crisp resolution. The integrity of the color and graphics are good for up to two years when used outdoors. We print on a virtually unlimited array of materials with the only boundaries being 60” wide and 1.75” thick. We’ve printed on paper, synthetics, wood, and metal to name a few. Whether it’s a single piece, or stock in rolls or sheets, we can custom print it. Provide a challenge of what you have in mind and we’ll confirm our ability to print on it.


  • Ideal Project
    There are endless projects that are suited to the UV inkjet printer and Zünd plotter cutter. To get you started imagining what’s possible, think about a faceplate. Traditionally a label is printed and a die is purchased to cut it, or the faceplate is made out of metal. We simplify that process by printing the labels and die cutting the holes or intricate shapes on the plotter cutter without the need to purchase a die. Eliminating the die or replacing the metal plate with a durable synthetic material can create quite a cost savings. Creating low volume, low cost prototypes for the introduction of a new product line can be very useful to any innovator as well.
  • Substrate Options
    An example of the types of materials we’ve already printed on: foamboard corrugate, tag static cling, paper magnetic, synthetic metal, HDPE/LDPE wallpaper, polyester canvas, vinyl wood, styrene.
  • Types of Projects
    Digital printing is best suited for these types of pieces: short run custom tags and labels, safety decals, faceplates, control panels, signs, wall graphics, window clings, product labels, bumper stickers, shelf strips.
  • Ordering Checklist
    To help you determine the information needed for your digital project, here’s a general checklist: base material/stock; size/shape, including die cuts; quantity; special finishing - score, laminate; artwork to be supplied; additional helpful details.
  • Label Unwind Style
    The direction labels will unwind from a roll is determined by the machine at the end-user facility. We can make a recommendation to best suit a situation. Labels wound on outside of roll: 1. Top of copy dispenses first. 2. Bottom of copy dispenses first. 3. Right side of copy dispenses first. 4. Left side of copy dispenses first. Labels wound on inside of roll: 5. Top of copy dispenses first. 6. Bottom of copy dispenses first. 7. Right side of copy dispenses first. 8. Left side of copy dispenses first.

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