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The $30,000 Grammys Gift Bag for 2019 Had Some Weird, Wonderful Stuff

February 12, 2019 | Joseph Myers

We are pretty fond of misnomers around here, with Frederic Chopin’s “Minute Waltz,” which takes no fewer than 90 seconds to play, and The Hundred Years War, which lasted 116 years, among our favorites. Since the Grammys gift bag included items valued at more than $30,000, we are tempted to add it to our misnomers list, as that thing has come to fit enough stuff to give Santa’s sack a run for its money.

The Grammy Awards, the music industry’s so-called “biggest night,” occurred on Sunday. Thanks to a gift lounge and the aforementioned bags (OK, we will cave and call them what they are), those personalities are the very definition of spoiled, as Distinctive Assets, the long-running curator of the holders, has again aligned itself with businesses looking for a little celebrity attention.

INSIDER gives a comprehensive look at the companies who are hoping to become frequent collaborators for the needs of the rich and famous, and in keeping with the uniqueness of gifts such as the custom guitar and circus training that last year’s participants received, 2019’s assortment certainly had a few goodies destined to make people wonder, “Who came up with that?”

While plenty of commonplace products such as sugar-free mints, socks and apparel options went home with 150 fortunate attendees, those who appreciate some novelty will likely envy the recipients of two particular giveaways. The first is the S.W.A.K. (Sealed with a Kiss) Kissable Keychain from WowWee that makes a kiss sound when end-users touch it to their cheeks. With respect to customization, this item could come to be a “smooch” criminal who steals attention from other keychains and other goods, period. While this week’s lounge visitors did not receive branded keychains, WowWee would be wise to continue to tout this product as a customizable option.

The same goes for the self-adhesive energydots that INSIDER notes claim to reduce radiation effects from cell phones and wireless devices.

Given music industry figures’ reliance on their gizmos, one would think these creations would not only go a long way toward improving their health, but also offer a chance to increase their branding clout if they choose to seek personalized looks for the dots. If they don’t (and if they choose to give the keychains a kiss-off), they could always cuddle up with the WowWee Baby Shark doll that each gift sack, er, gift bag included.

Check out the full list of Grammys gift bag items over at INSIDER.

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