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Arby’s Launches Oktoberfest Merch Line Featuring ‘Meaterhosen’

October 15, 2019 | Joseph Myers

The world is so unabashedly strenuous at times that we all need ample sources of levity to carry us through our days. Arby’s, quite familiar with sating the public not only with its line of sandwiches but also through innovative commercial concepts, has again chosen to be a harbinger of happiness through an Oktoberfest merch line that gave us a chuckle over its inclusion of “Meaterhosen.”

The shorts that inspired our laughter will team with other garments, including a Beefvarian Hat (another winner in the pun department) and the Das Hat stein, and a trio of sandwiches to comprise Arby’s Meatoberfest. The chain will officially launch an accompanying website tomorrow, making us quite eager to inspect social media to see how voraciously end-users eat up the Oktoberfest merch. As Thrillist begins to address, the timing of the launch should resound as a great business decision, as Arby’s will not be looking to share the Oktoberfest limelight with Germany, whose lauded celebration has already passed.

Other elements to acknowledge when one looks at this Oktoberfest merch vision include giving Arby’s praise for continuing to appreciate that companies must remain enthusiastic about making their promo campaigns easily consumable and noting that when they do put on their thinking caps, they are bound to succeed if apparel is available to their audiences. We have documented what seems like thousands of businesses that have intensified customers’ appreciation for their brands via clothing, and the Oktoberfest merch line stands as another example of the zaniness that can come out of discussions on how to keep buyers hungry for more goodies.

The initiative might even end up being a double victory for the sandwich slingers, as we could easily see the Meaterhosen and Beefvarian Hat becoming Halloween costume components. Trick or meat, perhaps? It’s got a nice ring to it.

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