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Puma's Tetris Apparel Line Has Some Killer Design Features

October 29, 2019 | Sarah Semple

Tetris is one of those nostalgic games that no matter how many times you play, it’s always frustrating when you place Tetriminoes in the wrong spot. (Yes, that’s what they’re called.) But, that’s what makes it a classic, and forces you to really focus and think quickly. For all the fans of Tetris, Puma has teamed up with block puzzle game for a branded apparel collection that’s bound to bring out your inner gamer!

Everything in this six-piece branded apparel and shoe collection—from the advertisement to the actual clothing—has it’s own tie-in to the video game. Even the shoeboxes are very on-brand with this collab.

The nylon men’s Tetris x Puma jacket brings a more retro-feel, and has both logos co-branded on the left chest and the shoulders, and the detailing on the back features the puzzle blocks inspired by the game.

To match the jacket, the nylon pants incorporate similar details from the jacket to complete the look. The pants have a light blue side panel—similar to the jacket—as well as the Puma and Tetris co-branding logos.

While the T-shirt from the collection may look like a plain white (or black) tee, it’s much more than that. Across the back, you have the logos, but there’s also the same detail from the retro jacket: the Tetris-inspired blocks.

Something else that we’ve been noticing more frequently is the inclusion of branded shoes and how they’ve become a massive addition to apparel collabs. In this capsule collection, there’s two different pairs (the black pair are available in two sizes: men’s and youth) and a white pair, and both incorporate the block puzzle detailing.

The Puma x Tetris RS-X version has a distinctive “Hard Drop” on the heel of the shoe, and the RS 9.8 sneakers definitely give off more of the original vibe of the game, especially with the shapes of the blocks. Two other small details on the RS-X are the “Tetris Est. 1984” near the front of the shoe, and on the soles of the shoe, you’re able to see “Tetris.” So, even if you have your feet up, people will still be able to tell what branded collection these sneakers are from!

This collection unfortunately doesn’t tell you which way to place the blocks in Tetris, but it takes a lot of the aspects from the original game and brings them to life through the branded apparel and sneakers.

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