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American Hockey League's Smallest-Market Team Sells 'Puck the Virus' Shirts to Support Staff

March 24, 2020 | Joseph Myers

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all areas of life, with the sports world being among the most-discussed elements. Instead of focusing on the damage that the virus is doing to their livelihood, though, athletes and organizations are finding means to aid the public and their staffs. One of these organizations, the Utica Comets of the American Hockey League, is selling a ‘Puck the Virus’ shirt to benefit team workers who cannot perform their typical duties.

The New York-based club had been enjoying a solid season before COVID-19 halted play, and while the sudden shift in operations certainly stings, the franchise that exists as the smallest market in the AHL is doing right by staffers who will undoubtedly feel a significant financial hit.

While people search for answers and look to receive relief from the federal government, the locally owned and operated team is giving hockey fans the feels through the ‘Puck the Virus’ T-shirt. Its reliance on a modification to the team’s alternate logo is a great touch, as it gives a nod to brand awareness and organizational unity. It also gave us a smile since the use of “Puck” serves as an obvious replacement for a far more irreverent word that, we would venture to say, is something that many people might utter about COVID-19.

Priced at $25, the shirts are relatively nondescript, but the message matters far more than the design. In fact, one could say that the no-frills composition of the garment works better than an overly colorful look, given the times. What’s vital, though, is that the Comets have taken the initiative to step up for staff members, and that the result is another item that looks to preserve the fighting spirit of the promotional products world. Here’s hoping that the shirt proves popular and that other sports organizations—perhaps ones like the Comets, who thrive despite being small-market entities—can think of promo-centric ways to support their staffs during this crucial time. ‘Puck the Virus,’ indeed!

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