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IKEA Is Selling Branded Bucket Hats Made From Its Iconic Shopping Bags

March 31, 2020 | Sarah Semple

IKEA has become way more than just a place to buy furniture. In fact, the company has partnered with several big names in the fashion industry, including Virgil Abloh, to create items like the “wet grass” rug and more. But IKEA is perhaps best known for its iconic blue FRAKTA bag that fits just about anything. So, naturally, the retailer is turning the bag into a branded, streetwear-style bucket hat.

Yes, you read that right. This IKEA branded bucket hat will retail for $3.99, which is cheaper than a venti latte from Starbucks. According to the IKEA website (where the hat is available for purchase) it’s made from 100 percent polypropylene with a 100 percent polyester liner.

The hat already has some positive product reviews on the IKEA site. User Jhmcintire16 wrote, “My dad in his mid 80s doesn’t understand my love of IKEA; he jokes that I have celebrated at least one of every major holiday at IKEA. So seeing him wear this hat made my day; he was excited and said it would be great for fishin.”

Credit: IKEA

So, not only is this hat great as an everyday accessory, it also works for outdoor hobbies like fishing.

Another user wrote, “As someone who has loved the Frakta bag all her life, I was so excited to find this hat at my local IKEA. Everyone gets a kick out of it whenever I wear it, but it’s actually really great in the rain. I bought another Knorva hat for my 4-year-old nephew and he adores it as well.”

Credit: IKEA

Clearly, you can use this bucket hat for a lot of occasions, but something that we love is how familiar it is. If you were to see someone walking down the street with the hat on, without even seeing the logo, you could tell right away that it was from IKEA.

It’s always neat to see companies expand into branded merchandise offerings. And maybe this means more future opportunities for IKEA to add promotional products. Who knows, maybe that could include a light rain jacket made from the FRAKTA bag in the near future? We’ll keep you updated.

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