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Dos Equis is Giving Away a Six-Foot Branded Cooler to Practice Social Distancing

June 30, 2020 | Brendan Menapace

With COVID-19 numbers reaching peaks once again, it’s vitally important to maintain social distance whenever possible. While the best course of action is to stay home, some outdoor activities are OK as long as you plan accordingly and follow safety measures.

Thanks to a clever bit of engineering from Dos Equis, you can put the “social” in “social distancing” with a 6-foot long branded cooler. Dos Equis is raffling off calling the “Seis Foot Cooler.” Unfortunately, the deadline was today, so if you haven’t entered already, you’re out of luck for now.

“This Summer of Dos, meet up with a drinking buddy from a comfortably safe six feet apart,” the website says. “The Seis-Foot Cooler is part beer cooler, part social distancing measurement device.”

That’s a lot of cooler space, so even once things relax and we’re allowed to have parties like normal, this cooler will be clutch for outdoor parties and barbecues.

And, in the meantime, everyone can even keep their drinks a safe distance from others’ thanks to the huge storage space.

COVID-19 has influenced and interrupted just about every facet of life. It’s safe to expect a lot more companies using the pandemic and safety measures to create promotional products like this. Face masks have already reached fashion accessory status, and hand sanitizer is selling like hotcakes.

According to Thrillist, Dos Equis didn’t let on how many coolers they were giving away, so we have no idea just how exclusive of a get this would be.

“Unfortunately we aren’t publicizing how many free coolers are available, just know quantities are extremely limited and it’s a good idea to be online and submit your receipt right at 11am on Friday if you want one,” a spokesperson told Thrillist.

It’s a fun way to add some levity to the whole pandemic situation, while still promoting safe practices.

“Dos Equis is encouraging beer drinkers everywhere to drink responsibly, well, a little more responsibly,” the spokesperson said.

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