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4 Apparel Products College Students Love

August 30, 2016 | Hannah Abrams

Just last weekend, I moved my sister into her new apartment for her sophomore year of college. And, while I certainly was busy lifting heavy furniture (or at least pretending to), I was focused more on the apparel trends her fellow students were sporting.

More and more, college students are gearing their style toward comfortable and cozy fits. Whether they’re studying or cheering on their schools’ football teams, college students will be ready for anything in these four apparel products.

1. Boxercraft Slub Varsitee V-neck Jersey


As the fall weather makes its arrival, college students will be able to read their philosophy notes outside their dorms in these comfortable long-sleeve shirts.

2. District Juniors’ Flannel Plaid Pant


I’m not quite sure when it happened, but pajama pants have become the new norm for college students. Seriously, they’re wearing them in the cafeteria, around the dorm halls and even in the library.

3. Flex Fleece Zip Hoodie Unisex


A cozy, colorful zip-up sweatshirt quickly becomes a staple in any student’s wardrobe. And, if you brand the sweatshirts in college colors, they’ll be a hit on any campus.

4. Varsity Jacket Snap Front with or without Hood


I know what you’re thinking—varsity jackets? Those were popular when I was in school. Well, the sports jacket look is making a comeback, and college students love the year-round warmth of these jackets.

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