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5 Ways to Use Promotional Products Toward Your Marketing Goals

March 22, 2016 | Hannah Abrams

Promotional products might be a new venture for your business, or something you tried in the past with little recognized success. However, if used properly, promotional products can mean the difference between a potential client choosing your business over a competitor.

1. Giveaways


You’re at a trade show, your booth is nicely set up, but there’s one problem: So is everyone else’s booth. How do you make your booth stand out from everyone else’s enough for prospective clients to stop by? Promotional product giveaways. Whether it’s branded candy, a pen with your logo on it or an imprinted water bottle, people will remember you based off your booth giveaway. And remember, a promotional booth display is also necessary for a successful trade show.

2. Events


Even if you run a seamless and successful event, you want your clients to come away with something to remember it. Maybe it’s a picture frame or branded T-shirt, either way they’ll remember your marketing efforts every time they look at that promotional product they received at the event.

3. Alternative Business Cards


Everyone has a dignified business card these days, but not everyone has a promotional business card. People remember the details, and if you give a prospective client a mug with your business information on it, they’ll use it. That sure beats a business card that will be lost in the laundry by the next day.

4. Awards


People love being recognized, even if it’s just for one day. Award your employees or clients with trophies, plaques, medals and ribbons, and their desks and offices will be decorated with your brand’s name.

5. Employee Incentives


Speaking of employees, happiness and success around the office is obviously a good thing, resulting in fewer sick days, increased productivity and much more. Reward your employees with awesome promotional products, like sweatshirts, desk calendars or even a spa gift bag, and they’ll promote your brand everywhere they go.

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