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6 Apparel Looks Trending for Fall

September 5, 2017 | Hannah Abrams

I’ll be the first to admit it—I love the fall. From pumpkin spice everything to cozy sweaters, there’s nothing better than autumn’s chilly arrival. As you know, the change in seasons also means a change in what’s trending for apparel. These days, promotional apparel trends tend to fall closely behind runway trends, so if you’re thinking of adding some branded apparel into your company’s marketing plan, these looks are going to be big.

Keep reading for my six picks.

1. Tailored Office Wear

(Image via Fashioners)

Suiting is in for fall 2017. Women are looking for tailored and flattering fits.

2. Bold Florals

(Image via Pinterest)

While florals were trending for apparel last year, everyone from Zara to Madewell is continuing to promote the trend.

3. Reds

(Image via Pinterest)

Millennial Pink could be taking a side step to bold reds for the fall season.

4. Embroidery

(Image via Pinterest)

Seeing as I just taught myself hand embroidery, I’m really excited to see embroidered denim, T-shirts, bags and even shoes trending for fall.

5. Velvet

(Image via Pinterest)

You probably thought you’d never see the day that velvet made a comeback, but I’m here to tell you it is back and more fashionable than ever.

6. Kimonos

(Image via Pinterest)

It might be time to brand a line of silk robes, because kimonos are quickly becoming a streetwear staple.

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