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7-Eleven Launches Innovative and Immersive New Deadpool 2 Promotion

May 15, 2018 | Tom Higgins

In a move to promote the highly anticipated upcoming release of Deadpool 2, the film’s marketing team has collaborated with 7-Eleven on an immersive promotion that features QR codes, augmented reality (AR), print and promotional products.

By downloading apps that use AR technology, Deadpool fans and curious 7-Eleven shoppers alike will be able to scan QR codes hidden throughout stores to unlock special Deadpool Easter eggs. According to Sean Thompson, chief customer officer for 7-Eleven, the convenience store chain hopes to draw Deadpool fans to stores with the promotion and to keep them coming, too.

“Deadpool fans can come to our stores and find fun collectibles and different augmented reality experiences unlocked each week through our app,” he said. “We hope people will play along with us—virtually and in real life—and share their experiences with friends and family on social media.”

According to 7-Eleven, locations will be decorated with messages and catchphrases in the tongue-in-cheek, even crude, voice of the hero himself. Stores will also carry exclusive Deadpool-branded items such as collectible Slurpee cups and straws, Monster energy drinks and Trolli candy. Customers will be able to earn 7Rewards loyalty points by participating in Deadpool promotions as well.

Gurmeet Singh, chief digital and chief information officer for 7-Eleven, explained how he hopes fans will use the branded app to immerse themselves in the Deadpool experience.

“Fans can interact with Deadpool and have fun experiences in the 7-Eleven app, unlocking different experiences each week exclusively in the stores nationwide and in Canada,” he said. “The fans will also be able to share their interactions with Deadpool inside a 7-Eleven store with family and friends. We think Deadpool fans will love seeing him come to life in our stores.”

With such an immersive and intensive fan experience available, and by truly going “all in” with a multifaceted promotional campaign, 7-Eleven will need to hope that customers are as invested in Deadpool as their investment has assumed. While it’s all well and good to use the latest technologies to create such an experience, it is important to realize that 7-Eleven shoppers, and shoppers in general, more often than not detest lingering in stores for any longer than they have to.

Hopefully, this Deadpool/7-Eleven experience will be enough to change that pattern. At the very least, it looks super cool.

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