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7 Health and Fitness Products Your Business Needs

October 4, 2016 | Hannah Abrams

Between yoga studio memberships, running clubs, vegan fast food chains and smoothie bars, health and wellness has taken over the world. And that’s a great thing. People love tracking their miles and donning their favorite athleisure looks all day. It’s almost as if health and wellness has nearly integrated completely into our everyday lives, and that’s awesome for business.

Whether you’re looking to create (or improve) a corporate employee wellness program or your nonprofit is hosting its first 5K fundraiser, health and wellness products are the perfect way to boost brand recognition and client/donor retention.

To help you get started, here are seven health and fitness ideas.

1. Fitness Trackers


Wearable technology is huge right now, and everyone is jumping at the chance to be in control of their daily fitness goals. Help your employees or clients reach their fitness milestones with a fitness tracker.

2. Yoga Mats


The benefits of a regular yoga practice are vast: reduced stress, improved sleep and better focus. As a result, more and more corporations are including yoga classes in their health and wellness programs. Take your approach one step further and give your employees branded yoga mats to keep at their desks for yoga class.

3. Moisture-wicking Apparel


For those charity 5Ks or employee frisbee tournaments, moisture-wicking apparel and athleisure is an athlete’s best friend. Put your logo on the back or front and your end-users will be walking brand advertisements.

4. Sport Bottles


Countless studies have revealed that we are not drinking enough water. The results of dehydration include fatigue, muscle aches and poor concentration, but it’s so easily preventable. Ensure your employees and clients are at the top of their games with branded sport bottles, so that hydration always is top-of-mind.

5. Fitness Towels


When your employees and clients are hitting the gym, running half marathons or trying out spinning classes, fitness towels are a must. Increase brand awareness by imprinting them with your eye-catching logo.

6. Fitness Headphones


If there’s one thing that’s true of fitness enthusiasts, it’s that they can never have enough sports headphones. Give them the necessary push to hit the track with branded headphones.

7. Plants


You’re going to have to hear me out on this one, but plants are an awesome health and fitness product. Why? Plants have been shown to increase concentration and overall mood, making your employees more productive and your clients happier. What’s more healthy than that? Plus, it’s a great way to spruce up the office at a minimal cost.

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