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’80s Retro, Punk-Rock Denim and a $450 Bicycle: Promo Trends From Taco Bell’s Fall Merch Collection

September 25, 2018 | Joseph Myers

Appreciating October comes naturally to us, as we enjoy the cooler weather, Major League Baseball’s playoff slate and the start of the fall sports regular seasons. So we can overlook that the month has some of the oddest National Day Calendar observations—Moldy Cheese, Kick Butt and Greasy Food days, we’re looking at you! Come Oct. 4, however, we will table our critiques of some of those occurrences, because it will be National Taco Day, with Taco Bell having recently released merchandise that highlights some promo trends and offers a study on how much cash consumers are willing to shell out to tout their favorite eateries.

The marketing landscape has become such a playground for creativity that it seems any idea to draw attention to a product will likely win favor. We’ve certainly encountered a few head-scratchers before, but perhaps companies are seeing even those questionable concepts as means to promote brand awareness. Promo trends have found many food-based establishments giving equal consideration to their menu items and their advertising campaigns, and apparel has become a heavy hitter. In the past, Taco Bell has successfully joined the crusade to corral consumers’ attention via attire and accessories, and the impending celebration of the tortilla treat will give it another chance to prove it will never need to break out of any shell to market itself.

Here are our three favorites from the collection.

1. Limited Edition Taco Bell Sauce Packet Bicycle

Twenty-five sauce packet bicycles are available through Taco Bell’s website. | Credit: Taco Bell

This ride looks so cool that we can forgive Taco Bell for making end-users have to rely on a few tools to complete its assembly. The hefty price tag means only 25 fortunate cyclists will be able to flavor their lives with this item, so we recommend saving a few bucks before this novelty product is “spoke”-n for.

2. Limited Edition Taco Bell Favorites Jean Jacket

One fortunate end-user secured this $450 jean jacket. | Credit: Taco Bell

Like the bicycle, this apparel rarity also goes for $450, but unlike the ride, it has already proven too compelling to resist, as in-house artist Erika Prime’s design led one end-user to purchase the lone denim garment made. We dearly hope we somehow encounter the person who chooses to rock this punk-rock selection. We also like the idea of limited-edition merchandise.

3. Taco Bell Ultra Plush Blanket

This sheared microfiber polyester Tahoe fleece goes for $40 on Taco Bell’s site. | Credit: Taco Bell

In keeping with our attraction to the fall, we had to give this goodie a nod since Taco Bell’s website dubs it “Super soft and cozy.” At $40, it’s an option that will not break the bank and will help end-users piece together a branded outing or a period of domestic downtime. Plus, we love the retro ’80s graphics it’s got going on.


As mentioned earlier, promo trends have relied heavily on various means to build exposure for dining destinations, especially those whose longevity, like Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut, has already shown them to be serious students of the marketing world. In other words, yes, it’s great to offer tantalizing food, but a little novelty in the branding department can go a long way. In Taco Bell’s case, running for the border (or their website, in this case) seems in order.

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