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A1 (the Steak Sauce Brand) Releases Meat-Scented Promotional Candles for Father's Day Because 2018, That's Why

June 5, 2018 | Tom Higgins

Father’s Day is almost upon is, which means more golf, more barbecues, more naps and a limitless supply of cold ones to be cracked. Not that all dads are the same, of course, but really, all dads are pretty much the same.

If you really love your dad, or if you know a dad that needs some love, then boy oh boy do we have the perfect gift for you: a meat-scented candle.

A1, the famed steak sauce brand owned by Kraft Heinz, has released a line of limited edition, 9 oz. candles for Father’s Day, and the results are beyond spectacular.

The candles, which come in three scents—original meat, backyard BBQ and classic burger—are hand poured in the U.S. and burn for 50 to 70 hours. That’s a whole lotta meat-scent…

Available online while supplies last, the candles are going for $14.99 a piece, though you know, and we know, that you’re gonna buy all three. For the sake of curiosity, you’ve got to know if they all smell like the meat they’re meant to smell like. It’s your destiny.

At the end of the day, this is the type of branded product that gives us hope. Without fear, A1 has volunteered to give dads what they never knew they wanted, but needed nonetheless. To top it all off, this promotion is peak dad-humor, too, full of gimmicky fun and lighthearted, wacky spirit. It’s a dad joke in candle form.

If only we could make everything meat-scented… On second thought, scratch that idea. Don’t ever let us dream like that again.

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