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Ad Agency Creates Fake Social Distancing Merch Line, Makes It Real After Huge Social Media Buzz

June 23, 2020 | Sarah Semple

Back in April, Curiosity, a Cincinnati-based ad agency, decided to create its own fictional social distancing merch line, called the “Social Distance Supply,” to have some fun and showcase its design abilities. What the agency didn’t expect was what happened after it released the designs on its social media pages: People actually wanted to purchase the products.

Curiosity first announced the fake products on its Instagram page, with the caption reading:

Over the next few days, we’ll be sharing some things we made for the @unitednations COVID-19 Global Creative Brief. Created by our very own Andy Millard (@ndymillard), David Rish (@easygoing_david) and Jason Fotter (@randomname75), “Social Distance Supply” is a fake product line designed to remind us all to keep our distance so we can slow the spread of COVID-19 together.

Our first product, called The Isolation Hoodie, is an introvert’s dream. Thanks to this cozy number, your “alone time” can become “saving-the-world” time.

Over the next few days, the company also released other items, like the “Stay Away From Me” tote bag, the “Long-Distance Relationship” T-shirt, a Social Distance Supply Co. branded candle, a plate, a blue pair of “Everyday Pants” and a poster.

The fake product line created a lot of buzz on social media, where followers said they would actually buy the products. According to a MediaPost article, the posts reached almost 8,000 impressions and were shared over 40 times. So, it made sense that the agency would make a few items available for purchase.

“With all the interest in the items, we knew we had to find a way to print some of the favorites,” Lee Taylor, creative director for Curiosity, told MediaPost. “It is a way to give our employees and followers a practical, stylish look while maintaining social distancing when in public places.”

Curiosity partnered up with SRO Prints, another Cincinnati-based organization, to bring the items to life.

Proceeds from the line would go to assisting SRO Prints, which employs men and women recovering from drug addiction.

Even as businesses reopen, it’s crucial to continue practicing all the new habits we’ve formed, like social distancing, frequent hand washing and more. The Social Distance Supply line is a friendly reminder for everyone you come in contact with (six feet apart, that is) to keep up those habits, too.

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