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We Almost Fell for Nissin's Cup Noodles Headphones April Fool's Joke (Because It'd Actually Be a Great Promotional Product)

April 2, 2019 | Sarah Semple

It’s April 2, which means that hopefully you survived all of yesterday’s corny and humorous April Fool’s jokes. But it wouldn’t have been April Fool’s Day if there wasn’t at least one joke we almost fell for, and that was Nissin’s Cup Noodles headphones that were reportedly “sold out.”

There were a lot of outlandish April Fools Day campaigns this year, but Nissin’s Cup Noodles headphones almost had us fooled. This one was a bit harder to distinguish between if it was a joke or not, and here’s why:

For as outlandish it was, branded merchandise like this is no longer out of the ordinary, especially since it is so creative. Between the cup noodles that replace the earphones and the fork-shaped speaker, we wouldn’t be surprised if this was an actual branded item available for purchase on a company’s web store. Brands are constantly looking to create fun and engaging items designed to be shared online, and, who doesn’t love a good cup (or two) of noodle headphones?

We almost ran with it as a normal story, until we noticed the press release was dated April 1. Suspicious, we did a bit more investigating to find out if this was for real or just an elaborate April Fool’s joke. After checking out the fan store and reading the press release all the way through, we realized it was the latter. The ear pads “woven together with noodle fibers” were the giveaway:

With the introduction of HyperX Cup MIX-IN, fans now have access to premium quality headphones that offer state-of-the-art features to take their music-listening and gaming experiences to the next level. To ensure maximum comfort, the headphones offer first-class white memory foam ear pads, coupled with an expanded headband and the patent-pending Noodlette. As an extension of HyperX’s Leatherette ear pad, the Noodlette ear pad is woven together with noodle fibers, delivering the silky soft caress of ramen noodles. HyperX’s groundbreaking technology is taken to even greater depths with the Dual-Chamber Drivers, offering the largest noodle chambers on the market. With one chamber for bass and a separate one for mid and high volumes, listeners can experience even more distinction, less distortion, and #slurpface satisfaction.

Even though this wasn’t real, Instagram users still commented on the Nissin Instagram post saying, “I don’t even care if this is a prank. I want these. lol.” And Twitter user The Snack God tweeted, “I’m not even gonna lie I totally want a pair of this beautiful and delicious headset.”

Another indicator this was a joke was that the headphones released on April 1 and “sold out” within a few hours of the time it launched on the website. So, it might have taken us a few moments to figure this out, in the end, we fell for it. Well played, Nissin and HyperX.

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