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Arby’s Launches Subscription Box, Sells Out in Minutes

January 15, 2019 | Joseph Myers

Carnivorous consumers have long flocked to Arby’s because, well, as its tagline tells us, it has the meats. Based on the overwhelming success of its recently issued subscription box, we can say that the 54-year-old company also possesses “the smarts.” Not even an hour into the Georgia entity’s promotion, it had sold all of the $25 offerings, setting up end-users for a meaty 2019.

We had already acknowledged Arby’s genius a little more than a year ago when the sandwich chain unveiled branded apparel that still has us rejoicing in the power of promotional apparel. This time around, we are going to recommend the company’s overseers for inclusion in Mensa. Subscription boxes can prove immensely profitable, especially if a world-renowned business teams up with a food provider to pull off a campaign. In this case, the fast food giant is succeeding minus any assistance (other than that of its creative agency), with its Arby’s of the Month concept promising six months’ worth of customized goods.

For the first installment, end-users will be reveling in the receipt of a bacon scarf, a pompom hat, a serving tray and temporary tattoos. We Are Social Media notes that Arby’s has designed the boxes as seasonal creations, so since we have only four seasons and six packages are set to go to the ardent fans, we wonder which two times of the year will end up doubly blessed. As the second-most popular sandwich chain in the U.S., Arby’s certainly has the clout to pull off a subscription box service, and selling out in under an hour further shows that its admirers appreciate the enhanced means to secure their business, an approach that includes the company’s decision to hire a Head of Sandwiches for TV spots.

Having made the aforementioned venture into the world of promotional apparel and now having secured admiration for the subscription boxes, Arby’s could serve as a commercial inspiration for similarly successful fast food chains to ponder ways to increase their reputation among the masses. If so, we will gladly welcome the chance to cover which items or garments they will make available. If we are fortunate, too, perhaps we will secure some of the limited-edition products or clothing options and become the envy of the civilized world.

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