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The Best Promotional Products From the Enormous Merch Store at The Masters

April 16, 2019 | Joseph Myers

At this time of year, there is no going wrong when it comes to being hooked on sports, as baseball, hockey, basketball and golf give us many occasions to celebrate amazing feats. With respect to the last member of that quartet, fans can also make great use of related merchandise, and no event provides a better opportunity than the Masters Tournament. The 85th anniversary of the tournament took place last week, and again offered goods that rivaled the golfers’ performances for consumers’ attention.

Here are our favorites, to which we are adding the explanation that prices differ, quite often greatly, if one inspects shop websites as opposed to heading to the tournament’s affiliated store, as Golf Digest’s Geoff Shackelford did.

Masters Green Beach Towel

Life’s a beach, or so we want to believe. So once summer arrives, fans can benefit from this spring-issued token to score a branding hole-in-one.

Credit: MMO Golf


Yard/Garden Gnome

We have “gnome” for a long time that figurines make for great promotional products. Thanks to this particular example, we can also always remember how stylish of a sport golf is.

Credit: MMO Golf


Masters Bibs

Who can resist a product that tries to foresee the results of Masters tournaments to come? We are glad that we could spill the news on this item.

Credit: MMO Golf


Ceramic Magnolia Coffee Mug

If fans need a pick-me-up when catching an early tee time, this product will “putt” them in a good mood.

Credit: MMO Golf

Toddlers Performance Tech Golf Shirt

Why should only the youngest of the young have a chance to go giddy for what happens on the greens? Through this apparel option, another group of children can be brand touters, too.

Credit: MMO Golf

Tradition T-shirts

People bill the Masters as “A tradition unlike any other,” so why not blare that treasured message on a T-shirt? With each year that passes, such a garment will become even more proof of the text.

Credit: MMO Golf

Tervis Tumbler

Not only does this product appeal to our affinity for alliteration, but it also links up with our equally strong desire to keep our beverages at preferred temperatures.

Credit: MMO Golf

Aside from these items, end-users who are looking to engage in a bit of altruism can visit the Goodwill establishment mentioned in this article. While donning the latest attire will certainly appeal to the lion’s share of tournament attendees and internet purchasers, this shot at obtaining older items so as to benefit others gives us the emotional equivalent of landing a difficult putt to claim the Masters title.

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