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Birdie Sanders and 7 Other Hot Political Promotions

April 4, 2016 | Hannah Abrams

With the presidential election heating up on both sides of the political spectrum, it’s the merchandise and promotional products that really give a presidential candidate an extra edge. While the classics, like T-shirts, bumper stickers and pennants are still appreciated, unique campaign promotions set the pace.

Here, we’ve rounded up a handful of political promotions to inspire your next campaign.

1) Birdie Sanders


Recently, the democratic hopeful had a special visitor during his speech: a bird. The candidate ran with it, selling Birdie Sanders stickers (which already sold out) and apparel. Perhaps your next event could use a special character or mascot for the branded stickers.

2) Hillary Clinton’s Custom State Tees


People love personalized merchandise. Clinton’s line of custom T-shirts make her voters feel special, and everyone loves sporting their home state. For your next event or campaign, keep in mind the idea of more customized T-shirt options.

3) Return of the Rand T-shirts

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 10.49.37 AM

Capitalizing on pop culture is a great way to get more attention. References to Star Wars, famous musicians, etc. will always be worn, and they’re a great way to show you’re in the know. With Rand no longer in the running, these shirts prove a political promotion can live longer than the campaign, itself. Consider a pop culture reference for your next T-shirt line.

4) Trump Presidential Dog Raglan


Nobody ever thinks about our four-legged friends. Maybe they can’t vote, but they sure can advertise! For your next campaign, enlist the help of cats and dogs for your apparel.

5) Make Donald Drumpf Again Baseball Cap


While it’s good to have a good defense, offense is equally important. In an effort to mock Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” merchandise, John Oliver ran with this very successful satirical merchandise. The hats sold out in a week. Show your sense of humor with a hat like this one.

6. Cruz BBQ Pack


This political promotion has it all: a koozie, a spatula and a cooler. Plus, everything is branded with Cruz’s logo. While Cruz might be out of the presidential running, he can look back on the good times with his own Cruzball-branded koozie. For your next campaign, consider imprinting housewares.

7. John Kasich Button


While a button might not seem like much of a statement, they’re easy to stick on backpacks, jean jackets and pretty much anything else (besides your own face). Create statement-makers for your next event or campaign with the help of these buttons.

8. Marco Polo


Admittedly, we’re huge fans of wordplay. That’s why, we give Marco Rubio bonus points for creating this Marco Polo shirt. Brand your own polo for your next event, and be sure to get creative with the name.

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