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Chips Ahoy’s $210 'Cookie Rig' Is the Craziest Promotional Product We’ve Seen This Summer

August 13, 2019 | Joseph Myers

The Chips Ahoy marketing team has decided to release the Cookie Rig, a product so preposterous that we have to declare it the summer’s craziest (and possibly most creative) promotional item.

Summertime can bring on some interesting thoughts and lead to some curious decisions. Fortunately for Chips Ahoy, said season includes National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, which we celebrated on Sunday. To tout its status as the purveyor of the country’s most popular chocolate cookie, the company launched a new online merch store, with items ranging in price from $10 to $210.

While end-users can deliberate on the gulf between the low and high ends, we are going to comment instead on the practicality of the Cookie Rig. With consumers having more of a desire to express their admiration for brands (or maybe it’s brands who want for their audiences to be more eager to show off their love), it is no surprise that the Chips Ahoy T-shirt has a pocket that can accommodate sweet treats. There’s also an enamel pin, a hat, a tote bag and some socks.

All of those, though, pale in comparison to the Cookie Rig. Behold!

The Cookie Rig is, well, a fanny pack for your chest, if it was also built specifically to hold cookies. The item “features six specially designed pockets and high-grade roller coaster buckles for all your cookie carrying needs.” (Wow, we didn’t even known we had such a need!) It also has adorable little cookies printed on the interior of the zip pocket, which is a nice touch.

Some people are going to look at this product and undoubtedly say, “Are you kidding me?” in likening it to fashion runway clothes that have one thinking that nobody is ever going to wear them. Other folks will be taking full advantage of its limited-quantities status and happily plunking down the $210. That price tag, of course, is a little steep, and has us wondering who might make the leap. Since the Cookie Monster has been plying his “Sesame Street” trade for decades, we are sure that he has saved enough cash to capitalize on this crazy promotion, but who will join him in making the competition crumble?

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