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Christie's Is Auctioning Off an Enormous Collection of Supreme Merch—Here's the Coolest, Weirdest and Most Expensive Stuff

November 26, 2019 | Sean Norris

When we see the words “auction house,” we think rich old British guys in suits and monocles bidding on weird antiquities in some floral-wallpapered room filled with taxidermy rhinoceros. Apparently, Christie’s, the world’s preeminent auction house based in London and New York City, is well aware of that perception, and is looking to change it and get more young, non-monocled folks into the auction game. It plans to do so by, what else, auctioning off an enormous collection of Supreme merch.

Supreme, as you probably know, is the iconic streetwear brand founded in 1995 and still going strong today. Its red logo is so iconic that if you google “box logo,” you’ll get pages and pages of results for Supreme before you hit anything else. The brand has a storied history of collaborations with artists and designers, some one-of-a-kind. And Christie’s has curated an admittedly impressive collection of these items as part of its larger Handbags X HYPE auction, set to begin Nov. 26.

Most of the collection is skateboard decks from Supreme’s early days. While these are extremely rad, we’re more interested in the other stuff. Here’s the coolest, weirdest and most expensive Supreme merch from the Christie’s collection, curated for your pleasure. Turns out Supreme is pretty good at this branded merch thing. Who knew?

Red Suitcase

Supreme merch suitcase Christie's

Credit: Christie’s

The gigantic wraparound logo (the “reme” is on the reverse side) is a nice touch.

Hardware Group

Supreme Merch Christie's

Credit: Christie’s

If you’ve ever wanted a Supreme hatchet or Supreme bolt cutters, this is the set for you. There’s also a Supreme branded brick for the true craftsmen out there.

Louis Vuitton Leather Laptop Case and Carry-All

Credit: Christie’s

Classy as heck.

Pinball Machine

Supreme Merch Pinball Machine

Credit: Christie’s

The estimated auction price of $30,000-$50,000 is maybe a little steep, but this thing looks great. That said, it’ll have to settle for being the second coolest pinball machine ever, because it sadly does not play “Welcome to the Jungle” when you deposit a quarter, like this Guns N’ Roses machine did.

Smoking Set

Christie's Supreme Merch

Credit: Christie’s

This kit includes a Zippo lighter, incense, an incense holder and a stash box that looks like a bible. Very sneaky.

White Fender Stratocaster Guitar

Christie's Supreme merch branded guitar

Credit: Christie’s

The Christie’s estimated price of $3,000-$5,000 seems reasonable for a Fender guitar. If anyone would like to bid on this for me, I’d be OK with it. Christmas is right around the corner, you know?


Credit: Christie’s

At $10,000-$15,000, this basketball is estimated to go for up to three times the price of the guitar! Seriously, guys, the guitar is looking like a good investment. Just saying.

Home Goods Set

Credit: Christie’s

A bunch of Supreme merch you’d use in your usual, daily routine: moka coffee pot, metal lunch box, thermos, dog bowl and, obviously, ping pong set.

Red & White Monogram Malle Courrier 90

Supreme Merch Branded Chest

Credit: Christie’s

This limited edition steamer trunk was the result of a 2017 collaboration with Louis Vuitton. At the low, low estimated auction price of $50,000-$60,000, it’ll only set you back the cost of a new mid-range Mercedes Benz!

There’s more where this came from, so check out the full collection here. Monocle optional.

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