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Chuck Norris Is Hosting a Charity 5K and the Sign-Up Merch Is Awesome

January 29, 2019 | Joseph Myers

Certain celebrities always seem on the go, doing whatever they can to build their brand or support a worthwhile cause. At 78-years-old (we think he will easily live to be 200), Chuck Norris, who remains an incredibly profitable spokesperson for businesses such as Fiat, registers as one such individual. He founded the United Fighting Arts Federation and Kickstart Kids, and has assisted numerous other entities. The martial arts legend will pull off the combo of brand bolstering and belief backing on May 4, when his eponymous CForce 5K will feature runners dressed in his likeness, and will assist both Kickstart Kids and a nonprofit aiming to rid Ghana of child slavery.

Anyone who has seen Norris in anything, notably “Walker, Texas Ranger,” knows that the guy can handle himself quite well, and his spring event will somewhat be rooted in that same sense of securing stability, with a neat promotional element to it, too!

His aforementioned organization and the Mercy Project will be the beneficiaries of the occasion upon which registrants will take to the course in their Saturday best. To add to the levity surrounding the College Station, Texas, gathering, organizers will—in hoping to break a record for most people dressed as Norris at one time—distribute a “Chuck-style T-shirt, a fake beard and an awesome belt buckle.” They honestly had us at “Chuck-style T-shirt,” but, hey, we would welcome the other goodies if we were taking part in the race. Those who choose to show a tad more initiative can come to the site already garbed as the martial arts icon, with men, women and children eligible for prizes.

Norris has always conducted himself as a positive figure (who can forget the thumbs-up that he gives in “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story”?), so this race by itself reinforces that. But the promo aspect, images of which are not yet available, should serve as an additional reason to compel people to sign up for a May jaunt to the Lone Star State.

Add to those elements the fact that Norris will be issuing high-fives to the finishers, and we might need to get a kick out of his concept ourselves by joining the masses in College Station. If our beards are not up to par by then, we will gladly wear the complimentary whiskers.

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