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Cincinnati Hospital Giving Newborns ‘Baby Shark’ Branded Onesies for Shark Week

August 6, 2019 | Joseph Myers

First of all, we have to say that we are vehemently opposed to Shark Week, the Discovery Channel’s now-31-year-old homage to the denizens of the deep. That’s because we feel they deserve at least a month’s worth of programming and analysis, such is our fascination with them. Thanks to branded onesies distributed through Cincinnati’s Christ Hospital, newborns are receiving an immediate chance to join us in admiring the fish, as the location is adorning them in stylish attire through its inaugural Baby Shark Week.

While we know that keeping up with pop culture can be a daunting task, we pity those who have not become hooked on “Baby Shark,” an infectious children’s song that has been a social media darling and online video hit since 2016. That’s right, folks, we are firmly in the “Baby Shark”-loving camp. And since, we revere Shark Week too, we wish we could snag one of the branded onesies even just as a collector’s item.

According CNN, as many as 175 babies would receive the colorful branded onesies, which feature co-branding for the hospital, Shark Week and the Newport Aquarium. They, and their parents, who are receiving free passes to the aquarium, do not have to swim away with all of the attention, though, as the hospital’s health network and the aquatic destination are giving away “fin-tastic shark swag” through Saturday as well.

We are pretty happy with our lots in life, but, wow, it would be amazing to be a Cincinnati-located newborn or soon-to-be-newborn right now! The adorability factor of these garments and the inventiveness on the part of the hospital network and the aquarium are, we hope, enough for the Discovery Channel to give our shark pals that aforementioned month of coverage. Just think of all of the additional newborns who could have their parents’ hearts packed to the gills with emotions when inspecting their branded onesies.

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