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Coca-Cola’s New Summer Bottle Labels Turn Into Promotional Wristbands

May 7, 2019 | Joseph Myers

Although 2019 has thus far proven profitable, the Coca-Cola Company has been experiencing consistent revenue declines over the last few years. Now that May has arrived and people can practically taste summer’s arrival, the company is hoping to drink up kudos thanks to its Enjoy campaign, an endeavor that will allow consumers to convert bottle labels into promotional wristbands.

Twenty-ounce versions of Coke and Coke Zero Sugar will soon be the designated bottles bearing the “Enjoy” encouragement and the ones that the thirsty throngs will be adding to their beverage options. While many Coca-Cola historians will no doubt geek out on the fact that the presence of “Enjoy” will mark the initial time that the packaging will feature any word aside from the brand name in Spencerian script, the typical consumer will be more interested in the six summer-themed designs, all of which, including hot dogs and popsicles, can become promotional wristbands. We normally manage our soda intake pretty diligently (sorry if we have helped to contribute to your revenue dips, Coca-Cola), but we might have to succumb to this summer siren by grabbing a bottle when the Enjoy campaign commences later this month.

In conjunction with that move to tout promotional wristbands, the entity is also going to be placing the Enjoy branding on bottles checking in at lesser and greater volumes, but those additional containers will not convert into the bands. They will, however, like their larger peers, include Sip & Scan technology that will grant imbibers access to more than 150,000 prizes, an absolutely gonzo total that includes baseball tickets (we are suddenly craving a Coke) and the opportunity to meet with the U.S. Women’s National Team come the July conclusion of the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Since one of the promotional wristbands will declare “I Believe” and will feature the crest of the championship contender, Coca-Cola will probably see a nice boost thanks to soccer-obsessed consumers who hope the women can win the competition, set to occur in France, for the fourth time. While we, too, are hopeful that they will emerge as the winners, we are eager to see how well the promotional wristbands hold up to the athletic- and activity-infused frivolity that summer should be all about.

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