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Did You Buy a Royal Wedding Gift Bag on Ebay for $30K? Someone Did!

June 12, 2018 | Hannah Abrams

There was this one time in college where I felt like a major entrepreneur for selling an old purse I had on eBay at a $50 profit. I was ready to switch my English major to Business right then and there, but seeing as a British woman sold her royal wedding gift bag on eBay for close to $30,000, I’m glad I stayed with the literature studies.

A few weeks ago, we took a magical look inside the royal wedding gift bag. Inside a canvas bag printed with the initials “H” and M,” wedding guests were treated to an assortment of branded items, including a water bottle, a magnet, a commemorative chocolate coin, shortbread cookies, a map of Windsor Caste, a custom tumbler and more.

Admittedly, we were pretty disappointed. We thought the royal wedding gift bag would get a little more glitzy, or at the very least more extravagant. Where was the miniature replica of the crown jewels? Or the plush toys of the Queen’s beloved corgis. You only get one royal wedding, Harry and Meghan. Why hold back?!

Anyway, even with the pretty standard gift bag, attendees were still able to sell the bags on eBay at a pretty profit. But, nothing prepared us for the actual going rate of the gift bags. According to Page Six, a British woman named Claire Oliver sold her gift bag on eBay for close to $30,000. No, that’s not an extra zero. That’s a whole semester at Harvard.

Oliver was one of the lucky 1,200 people invited to the service because she works for Troup Bywaters, an engineering firm whose charitable work is important to Prince Harry. Within hours of the royal wedding wrapping up, Oliver listed the gift bag on eBay, and the bids came pouring in. After 83 people bid on it, the bag sold for $28,557.

At this point, we’re shocked there isn’t a huge counterfeiting ring surrounding these bags. They’re more of a hot commodity than an Hermes Birkin bag, and that’s saying something.

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