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Dunkin’ Has a Line of Ridiculous (Fake) Branded Apparel to Promote Its New Drinks

November 27, 2018 | Joseph Myers

The recent news cycle has not left us short on laughs, with this story in particular being a neck-tacular example of the power of viral items. Dunkin’ is looking to draw a few additional chuckles from the masses as they expand their enjoyment of “the most wonderful time of the year.” In conjunction with its “Sipping Is Believing” campaign that centers on espresso options, the beverage behemoth is calling on outlandish branded apparel that, sadly, the public cannot purchase.

It seems as if Dunkin’ has received enough press this year to last a semi-eternity, so here it goes again with a bit of publicity that is sure to have end-users wondering what the powers that be are putting in their own coffee come brainstorming sessions. Last Wednesday, the bigwigs called on Janet Rock, its manager of culinary innovation (what a title!), to explain the differences among its four espresso offerings. While the very existence of the drinks would be enough to lure consumers to Dunkin’s locations, the company is having a bit of fun with their advertising of them.

The Massachusetts-headquartered chain is using espresso-themed clothing only as visual aids to sell the drinks. No matter how intense our admiration might be for the Cappu-chinos, Americano-veralls and the Latte-nk Top, we will have to be content with watching the spots over and over again.

Companies are always looking for a competitive advantage, so it would have made flawless sense for Dunkin’ to have made these novelty shirts available even in very limited supplies. Its decision not to leaves us pondering what else the entity has up its (beverage) sleeves. Could Dunkin’ be preparing to venture into the world of utterly eccentric branded apparel, or will these items exist only as spoofs that prove consumers’ infatuation with coffee?

We would so love to discover that that promotion has some ties to a broader existence for the three shirts, but even if it has no link and the chinos, overalls and tank tops have a limited shelf life, we can still always go back and watch their promo videos.

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