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Golf Apparel Brand's T-shirt Generates More Than $123K for Coronavirus Relief Fund

April 14, 2020 | Joseph Myers

As the U.S. enters its fifth week of stay-at-home life due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the strain the nation is facing has understandably led many people to look for feel-good stories. These hopeful accounts have often had a branded merchandise element to them, and apparel company Linksoul is happy to add itself to the chronicles. Heading into today, the golf and casual apparel seller had raised more than $123,000 for the Center for Disaster Philanthropy thanks to a T-shirt that reflects Americans’ need to flatten the curve so as to temper the pandemic’s spread.

Every organization or entity that is fighting to protect the population needs a boost at this time, so the Linksoul T-shirt resounds as an especially timely garment, considering its beneficiary “specifically helps the most vulnerable populations affected by this crisis, including hourly wage workers, the elderly, and those with disabilities.” Since hospitals also receive assistance through supplies provided by the Center, the $40 T-shirt is doing what it can to help on multiple fronts, and the design that it calls on is pretty commendable.

Declaring “This calls for the low stinger,” the shirt makes great use of the name of a popular golf shot that, well, frankly, we would like to see golfers hit again soon. Our enthusiasm for watching sports aside, the apparel option altruistically looks at the country’s present situation and acknowledges that Americans’ love for hitting the links could provide much-needed assistance for frontline workers and those whose suffering is especially disheartening.

As promotional efforts to thwart the pandemic have hit the public, we have noticed that many have had a sports angle to them. That has been refreshing since athletic competition, both amateur and professional, has been among the losses to our daily lives, but any plan to alleviate pain and a shortage of supplies will ring true as a welcome addition to the branded merchandise ranks.

With people growing increasingly curious about where the nation stands in its battle with the pandemic and when they can sort of put the pieces of their lives back together, something like Linksoul’s T-shirt should be top of mind because it rewards hard work while also offering support for downtrodden individuals. If something can accomplish both goals, more power to it, but any product that shows concern could use a plug.

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