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Hawaiian Shirts Are Back In Fashion (and In Promo)

September 4, 2018 | Joseph Myers

Because we love relaying trends to our readers, it gives us a big fat grin to provide you with the skinny on Hawaiian shirts, namely, that the apparel products are enjoying a hot streak. From the fashion world to the promotional products industry, the garments have added more than a dash of color (not to mention hopes for repose) to wearers’ lives and a solid source of economic revelry for the brains behind their creation and distribution.

We know from endless viewings of “Cheers” that, sometimes, you want to go where everybody knows your name. Well, very often, many end-users feel the complete opposite, and Hawaii, for most of us, would be a great spot to enjoy some anonymity. Maybe on account of that—and the accompanying desire for escape—or because Hawaiian shirts by themselves are just synonymous with comfort, it has become quite easy to encounter news of their popularity.

We can understand that some consumers prefer to classify such tops as garish, but we are going to pass on pronouncing Hawaiian shirts as the bane of our collective fashion existence. Major League Baseball rules the summer sports circuit, so it has made great sense that the season that finds folks eager to part with their typical routines would encourage teams to give away the garments as promotional draws. The Philadelphia Phillies, Arizona Diamondbacks, Baltimore Orioles, Tampa Bay Rays and Washington Nationals are among the several MLB clubs that have used Hawaiian shirts as promotional giveaways this season, but consumers do not need to rely only on the national pastime to find an outlet for their fixation on the short-sleeved tops.

Take, for example, GQ’s advice on how to sport the goods, a report from The Times on the surging reverence that Hawaiian shirts have been receiving and, well, this article that shows newly engaged pop music superstar Justin Bieber wearing one while walking through Beverly Hills. Who can doubt the fashion sense of The Biebs?

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