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Image via TV Guide

Hillary Clinton Capitalizes on "Woman Card" Insult

May 2, 2016 | Hannah Abrams

We’ve pointed out the value of unique and memorable branded merchandise when it comes to political campaigns. What helps even more in political campaigns is versatility, and being able to counter an opponent’s jabs quickly.

Just like Beyoncé demonstrated the value of turning lemons into “Lemonade” this week, Hillary Clinton is proving she can turn negative press into a donation incentive. In response to Donald Trump’s derogatory remarks that Clinton is playing the “woman card,” Clinton did just that.

Image via Twitter

Image via Twitter

Demonstrating she’s able to convert insults into branded campaign merchandise that simultaneously mocks Trump’s ridiculous remarks, Clinton unveiled her literal “woman’s card” product. Available to anyone who donates to the campaign, the card features a New York Subway Metro-style layout and “Woman Card” printed in bold letters. The phrases “Congratulations! You’re in the majority,” and “Deal me in” decorate the card, as well.

While Trump might think he has the upper hand when it comes to handing down insults, Clinton is the one who is laughing all the way to the bank. The “woman card” fundraising tactic earned the candidate $2.4 million.

Gif via Sun Times

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