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Beyonce's Ivy Park and 5 More Awesome Celebrity Product Lines

April 11, 2016 | Hannah Abrams

A lot of times, celebrities will endorse a product with minimal involvement. That means, they received a hefty paycheck just to film a few commercials and drop the company’s name in press interviews. However, when a celebrity actually launches their own product line, there’s a lot more at stake, resulting in their passion for the product coming through.

Recently, Beyonce launched her new athleisure venture, Ivy Park, to a social media frenzy. From bodysuits to branded sports bras, Queen Bey seemed to give the people exactly what they wanted. And with the products set to hit Topshop and Nordstrom soon, stores will be hard-pressed to keep the products in stock.

Draw inspiration for your next marketing venture or event with these seven celebrity product lines.

1) Ivy Park by Beyonce

(Image via Ivy Park)

Image via Ivy Park

Fashion’s most anticipated line of athletic apparel is sure to make waves in the fitness community and even moreso, in the Instagram community. Channel Beyonce’s fierce athleisure look for your next event with branded sportswear.

2) Beats by Dre


Rapper and producer Dr. Dre and music mogul Jimmy Iovine decided to tackle substandard audio quality with their own line of headphones. Available in an array of bold colors, the headphones can be seen on everyone from subway commuters to NBA players. Brand your own set of Beats for your next marketing venture.


3) Newman’s Own by Paul Newman

Anyone else suddenly feel hungry? (Image via Newman's Own)

Anyone else suddenly feel hungry? (Image via Newman’s Own)

Beginning as a homemade dressing that Paul Newman and A.E. Hotchner made as gifts for friends, Newman’s Own has introduced everything from pasta sauce to delicious salsa (we know from experience). Design your own custom label and give your clients tasty treats for the holidays or any occasion.

4) Sean John by Sean Combs (P. Diddy)

Image via Sean John

Image via Sean John

With revenues exceeding $525 million annually, fashion brand Sean John, from rapper and producer Sean “Puffy” Combs, has proven its worth. Add some flair to your next promotional line-up with sleek ties and timepieces.

5) Begley’s Best Products by Ed Begley Jr.

Image via Begley's Best

Image via Begley’s Best

As a longtime environmental advocate, Ed Begley Jr. took the next step when he launched his product line. Clients will respect your commitment to the environment when you use green products as your next giveaway.

6) Crystal Head Vodka by Dan Akroyd

Image via Crystal Head Vodka

Image via Crystal Head Vodka

In response to the lack of additive-free vodka in the market, Dan Akroyd created his own line of vodka. Sold in unique skull-shaped glassware, the bottles for Crystal Head Vodka have created quite a stir in the market. The next time you gift your client with a bottle of wine, make sure you pick an interesting bottle, or even better a wine bottle koozie.

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