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Let's Review Every Single Piece of McDelivery Day McDonald's Swag

July 24, 2018 | Sean Norris

We’ve seen fast food brands going all-in on promotional products the last few years, but few have gone quite as big as McDonald’s did for McDelivery Day. The event, held yesterday, saw the burger giant dispatch tons of branded merchandise via UberEats delivery—a high-profile, promo-centric campaign that, at least going by social media reactions, was a pretty big win for Ronald McDonald and company.

But what of the McDelivery McDonald’s swag itself? Thanks to all the social activity, we finally got a good look at the items in action, and McDonald’s (and whatever creative team was behind the promo) really delivered.

Obviously, we’re fans of promotional products in general, so it was great to see one of the world’s largest restaurant brands shine a spotlight on them in such a positive way. And, of course, we’re going to review the items below and rate them on a completely arbitrary 10-point scale, because it’s Friday and that seems like a fun thing to do. Let’s go!

French Fry Socks

As we’ve established, promotional socks are all the rage right now. McDonald’s nailed it with these, using a fun design that puts the golden arches front and center while also making it look like you’re standing in a fry box. (Finally, we can stop wearing actual french fry boxes on our feet. That was starting to get messy.) There is also a Big Mac version, but that one is a little less interesting, so we’re docking the socks one-and-a-half arbitrary points.

Score: 8.5/10

Big Mac Fanny Pack

Against all odds, the fanny pack is making a comeback, which is great news for my dad. This Big Mac-ified version fits nicely with the retro theme running through all of the McDelivery Day McDonald’s swag.

Score: 9/10

French Fry Rag (???)

This french fry rag is actually a french fry bandana, but who’s counting? Oh, right, we are. And despite this being a suitably retro item that recalls a simpler time when Tupac and Axl Rose set impossibly high standards for ’90s fashion, the confusion over this item’s intended purpose means we have to deduct several imaginary points.

Score: 6.25/10

Denim Jacket


Score: 10/10

“Classic” Shirts

These come in two styles (short- and long-sleeve) and two colors (black and white) with a “classic” design (haha, get it?) that mimics graphic tees you’d find at H&M or whatever. The combination of variety and retail styling puts this one firmly in the “we dig it” category.

Score: 9.32/10

Enamel Pins

These stylized enamel pins are adorable and have some colors that really pop. We’re not sure about the ice cream one (McDonald’s ice cream machine is always out of order so it’s hard to judge the accuracy here) but the rest look great. Bonus points if you wear them on your McDonald’s denim jacket.

Score: 9.75/10

This Giant McDelivery Big Mac Box

This is packaging design at its very best, but we’re pretty sure this isn’t even an actual McDelivery Day item and we could find no other evidence of its existence on the internet. So, this one’s gonna have to get disqualified.

Score: DSQ


Credit to the folks behind the McDelivery Day promotion—the assortment of McDonald’s swag hit on all the hot, trending products. PopSockets are one of the most popular items out there right now, and this one comes mounted on a little card that includes instructions for hashtagging it up online. Nice work, all involved!

Score: 10/10

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