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Lululemon Tote Wants You to Stop Using Sunblock and Embrace Your Demise

August 15, 2017 | Brendan Menapace

When we say that this bag from Lululemon makes a statement, we don’t mean something like “This bag shows that I enjoy athletic activity and stylish apparel.” No. This bag says “That sunblock that you’re putting on your body is seeping in and quietly destroying you, and you should plan for your own eventual downfall in life.”

So, why has Lululemon taken this strangely anti-sunblock and nihilistic approach?

Shoppers at Lululemon are aware of the bags they get upon purchase, which feature messages like “Friends are more important than money” or “Do one thing a day that scares you.” Those are great, positive messages! Those are the ones we notice first, thanks to the big text at least. But, according to Marie Claire, one Reddit user looked at the fine print on their bag and noticed a message that said, “Sunscreen absorbed into the skin might be worse for you than sunshine. Get the right amount of sunshine.”

Credit: Reddit

What? There’s plenty of scientific evidence to dispute this claim.

Before consumers could even process that strange, pro-sunburn sentiment, they’ll notice it says, “Visualize your eventual demise.”

Again, what? That’s pretty grim, Lululemon. I just came here for some T-shirts and socks, not to ponder my own mortality.

According to Teen Vogue, the company clarified the message by saying, “The manifesto design that goes on our bags is a collection of statements that are ever-evolving and intended to spark conversation that is relevant at the time. To clarify, the manifesto design on our webpage is the most up-to-date and has been used on our most recent release of manifesto print bags.”

So, what we can settle on here: Lululemon is going through some stuff, apparently, and wants us to know about it. We’re all for messages that provoke intelligent conversation and bring about potentially controversial ideas, but this seems just bad for business.

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