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McDonald’s McDelivery Day Promo Will Send Eaters The Coolest Branded Merchandise (Via Uber)

July 17, 2018 | Joseph Myers

We here at Promo Markit fully appreciate the sentiment that we should all live in the moment and not look for any period of time to speed by, as, no matter our circumstances, each day can bring about amazing experiences. With that confessed, we hope our penchant for consumerism does not render us at all hypocritical, as we have really begun to wish it were Thursday. Come that seemingly normal occasion, McDonald’s will give us, our fellow Americans and inhabitants of 10 more countries not only full bellies but also fashion bragging rights through McDelivery Day, a component of its thriving Uber Eats partnership.

Occurring a week later than last year’s inaugural celebration, 2018’s event will unite consumers with McDonald’s typically sought-after menu options and will help many of them sate desires to don their allegiance to the fast food giant. They will achieve the latter through McDonald’s Throwback collection, a merchandise-lover’s dream that will have many fortunate diners wanting to party like it’s 1999 (or any other year from that decade). That’s because the assortment gives a nod to that particularly productive period in the chain’s history through the items’ focus on achieving retro gold.

To have a chance at the goodies, including T-shirts, socks, pins, bandannas, fanny packs, sweatshirts, track pants and denim jackets, devotees, including us, will need to place an Uber Eats order of at least $5 beginning at 10:30 a.m. local time. If they (and we) are fortunate, McDonald’s will send a random McDelivery Day product along with their order, with the company also offering cell phone cases and Big Mac PopSockets as more contemporary offerings to the masses. Bearing McDonald’s ubiquitous logo, the merchandise is a while-supplies-last commodity, so someone who has a craving for, say, Chicken McNuggets at 1 p.m. or later might regret that the hankering had not come earlier. That is all the more reason to prove that the early bird gets the worm or, in this case, the socks.

Looking over the McDelivery Day products, we found ourselves particularly drawn to the fashionable footwear, especially the fry box option. Promotional socks have become a terrific fit for businesses who are looking to get their foot in the door to acquiring initial or additional success. Therefore, McDonald’s is wise to have placed the best friend a foot can have among the McDelivery Day choices, and we would certainly be happy if a pair were to meet our eyes come Thursday.

No matter if they do, though, or if fellow sock enthusiasts are able to honor the golden arches through the footwear products, McDonald’s figures to enjoy yet another lucrative day in what has become one of the most financially successful journeys in America’s commercial history. Someone, however, needs to tell the burger chain to market the Throwback collection components and maybe even add a few products to the line. What about a Filet-O-Fish tribute or any nod to a breakfast staple? Whatever they do, here’s hoping they continue to forget about such misses as onion nuggets and the Hula Burger.

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