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Miami Dolphins Fans Burn Jerseys in Protest

September 20, 2016 | Hannah Abrams

In response to more professional football players joining Colin Kaepernick’s protest, some fans have protested the protest, according to Local10.


Four Miami Dolphins players kneeled in protest during Sunday’s game. (Image via the Miami Herald)

Prior to the Miami Dolphins’ game against the New England Patriots on Sunday, players Kenny Stills, Arian Foster, Jelani Jenkins and Michael Thomas kneeled during the national anthem. Some Dolphins fans felt that the four players’ protest was out of line and have begun to demonstrate their discontent by burning Dolphins’ team merchandise.

Local10 reporter, Derek Shore, tweeted a video of the merchandise in flames:

“I think this is the wrong platform,” Howard Shoelson, the man who organized the burning, told Local10. “Everybody’s entitled to their beliefs, and we do have freedom of speech, but not on the football field. They’re there to play football. They’re being paid to play football. That’s the wrong platform.”

Michael Thomas told the Palm Beach Post that he’s unsure how long he will continue to protest, so who knows how long fans will continue to destroy Miami Dolphins merchandise.

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