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New 'The Office'-Themed Subscription Box Comes Filled With Branded Merch Staples

June 30, 2020 | Brendan Menapace

Fans of “The Office” are devoted. It’s constantly one of the top-trending shows on Netflix, despite being off the air for about seven years at this point. Netflix even gave fans a huge heads-up that it would eventually remove the show from its streaming platform in favor of “Seinfeld.”

For fans who aren’t ready to leave Dunder Mifflin, regardless of what NBC or Netflix might say, there’s finally a subscription box to celebrate the People Person’s Paper People.

The subscription box, created by CultureFly, is a quarterly shipment of apparel, accessories, collectibles, home goods and even paper products. According to Mental Floss, the Spring 2020 box had a theme of employee orientation, with nods to the show like a collectible of Dwight’s stapler in gelatin, a print of Pam’s artwork, a Dunder Mifflin T-shirt, what looks like a business card and tote bag, and a Dwight Schrute figurine.

Each box costs $39.95, which seems fair given everything that’s inside. Retail shops could charge that much for the T-shirt or figurine alone.

While a lot of us are still working from home, too, having these little reminders of office life (even if its a fictitious one) could be nice. Granted, we’ve never suspended any of our coworker’s stuff in gelatin, but who knows what will happen when we get back?

“The Office” has also cemented itself in America as sort of a monoculture. No matter how many years it is off the air, people are still going to make references to it every opportunity they get.

So, you have to R-E-S-P-E-SP-D CultureFly’s hustle here. Subscription boxes have been big for a while now. People love having curated merchandise hauls sent directly to their doors. And especially right now when many events are going digital, programs like this are hugely valuable.

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