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New Stella Artois Promotional Beer Glass Is a Sophisticated Twist on the Red Party Cup

July 2, 2019 | Joseph Myers

Well, folks, summer has arrived in earnest, and, we are in a Sam Cooke-sort-of mood, hoping that the living is easy for all of you. Stella Artois is feeling likewise optimistic, as the Belgian beer biggie recently unveiled its Red Stella Cup, a promotional beer glass that it issued as a funny combination of its stemmed chalice and the far-less ritzy (but possibly more iconic) red Solo Cup.

Stella Artois has long held sway among pilsner lovers, so good sports (we hope the Solo Cup Company is among them or we could have a legal matter to address) will see this commodity as a must-have for their gatherings. Available in six- or 24-packs, the plastic promotional beer glass will, according to Stella Artois, provide consumers with “the summer upgrade we all deserve,” a clear indication not only of the brand’s immense self-esteem but also a display of its desire to increase market share in a crowded beer space. The introduction of the Red Stella Cup could also come to spark enthusiasm for Stella Artois’ revered chalice, which, although it will not break one’s bank, still sells for more than what the new cups are fetching.

Stella Artois, for giving the season a creative boost, we raise our glasses—er, make that “cups”—to you.

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