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NYC Parks Partners With Nike for Branded Apparel Collection

December 3, 2019 | Joseph Myers

Given its massive population and status, New York City will always command attention for how it maintains its reputation as a place to call home. NYC Parks deserves an ample share of that credit since it helms a mind-boggling number of recreational destinations. Eager to give credit where it’s due, Nike will soon release an NYC Parks branded apparel collection to put residents in a New York state of mind with respect to their attire.

Nike has a knack for helping the Big Apple to be a polished place through which to strike commerce deals, with this current venture marking “the first of its kind for the brand in North America” to produce goods and craft experiences that “align to important sport and community moments in the city.” Come December 5, the limited-edition NYC Parks collection will hit the masses as AF1, with the ALL FOR 1 identity behind that title helping Nike promote its inclusive mindset as far as New York is concerned.

This NYC Parks collection strives to serve as a shout-out to the parks system’s amenities and those who tend to the sites. Based on our experiences with said spaces, we can say those individuals do an amazing job and don’t receive enough kudos for their diligence. Through the 12 items that Nike is presenting in the NYC Parks line, end-users will be able to issue an indirect “thank you” to those workers, and the city will further its comprehension of promoting itself through branded merchandise.

Upon inspecting the dozen goods, we, like Kicks On Fire, fell hard for the Nike Air Force 1 that will be a must-have addition to any sneakerhead’s collection. As for the other line items, we expect for the winterized club fleece to be another hit as winter approaches. But since NYC Parks has achieved considerable renown among locals, there likely won’t be a clunker among the products.

More importantly, the parks system is preparing to see the immense benefits of branded apparel, especially when it’s co-branded with a huge name like Nike. The collection should help prove that these items are great ways to preserve the integrity of places and services that have stood the test of time.

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