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It's Official: Disney’s New Galaxy's Edge Theme Park Merch Has Zero 'Star Wars' Branding (With One Notable Exception)

June 25, 2019 | Joseph Myers

With exactly six months to go until the release of “Star Wars: Episode IX —The Rise of Skywalker,” we know that the coming deluge of awesome branded merchandise is going to make for very easy shopping experiences come the holiday season. For fans who just can’t wait for new Star Wars merch, though, a trip to the three-week-old Galaxy’s Edge theme park at Disneyland (or its soon-to-be-opened counterpart at Disney World) should help them get their fill—but there’s a twist. None of the Star Wars merchandise available at the parks’ themed gift shops will feature “Star Wars” or “Galaxy’s Edge” branding.

“Star Wars” geeks such as us are speculating on how our heroes will fare in the final film, and it has become clear that although Disney and franchise creator George Lucas will still make a pretty penny from Galaxy’s Edge merch, the typical (and ubiquitous) Star Wars branding will be nowhere to be found—no T-shirts with the Star Wars logo, no mugs with the words “Galaxy’s Edge” on them, etc.

That move, according to Daily Breeze, will mark an opportunity for the overseers to keep people in the moment and center their attention on the interactive encounter. Disney, in other words, wants park visitors to feel like they’re actually in a Star Wars movie.

There is, of course, one notable exception: Reusable bags at the shops will be adorned with “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” branding. And, as we mentioned before, it’s only the branding that will be in short supply. According to the Daily Breeze, there are more than 700 merchandise options available for purchase. Disney just knows that it doesn’t necessarily need the Star Wars name to sell the products.

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