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OK, Pizza Hut's Entry Into Custom Apparel Is Actually Pretty Cool

October 17, 2017 | Hannah Abrams

When it comes to awesome branded apparel, it’s all about Pizza Hut. According to Engadget, the pizza delivery chain unveiled a new apparel item hot out the oven: the Pizza Hut parka. The parka is made out of the insulating material used for lining its own new delivery pouches.

Pizza Hut’s new pizza parka is making its rounds on the internet this week. (Image via Engadget)

Like the new delivery pouches, the parka features triple-layer insulation, a splash guard, a window in the sleeve to order pizza from your phone and a pizza pouch, which Pizza Hut doesn’t suggest actually using for pizza.

Of course, everyone wants one of these parkas, but only a select few can actually obtain one. The pizza parka will not be available in stores, but you can enter to win one by ordering a pizza from Pizza Hut online or its app. You can also tweet to enter.

While it’s not a new apparel line, we still think this is a great promotional idea. Most people wouldn’t necessarily get excited about a new type of pizza insulation, but when you promote the new technology with an accompanying amazing apparel product, you tend to get more press.

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