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Oreo Builds Cookie Printer for Fan Personalization Promo

June 4, 2019 | Joseph Myers

Certain words will always make our ears prick up, with “Oreo” being among the top elevators. Americans have certainly done our part to make the goodie the top cookie in the world, and we appreciate that other countries have similar devotion to the Mondelez International Inc.-issued product. Australians comprise one such group of diehards, and through an Oreo partnership with Traffik Group, the Down Under crew devised personalized treats thanks to a printer that will probably become the envy of the cookie-eating world.

Catering to vanity to some and serving as a stroke of genius to others, the promotion commenced today at 10 a.m. on the East Coast, meaning that Aussies had to wake early Wednesday morning to begin to brand the cookies in their likeness. Time apparently did not matter, as the opportunity to be among the 2,000 people fortunate enough to make the unique mementos has already ended. The custom-built Oreo printer dubbed the Dobot Magician allowed consumers to engage in a sweet nod to, well, themselves, with marketing manager Stephanie Nilson noting that this promotion continues her company’s quest to be “passionate about sparking moments of playful connection.

According to a 2017 Fact Sheet on Oreo and its beloved crème-filled creations, Australia is not among the Top 10 biggest markets for the brand, so one wonders why the turf won the honor to have the giant versions made for its residents. Whatever the reason, Aussies responded with the type of curiosity that has made their expanse the 10th-happiest place in the world. Though their chance to see their images on massive cookies has ended, they still have us eating our hearts out with envy and have left us to settle for digital depictions of our somewhat glum faces.

The fact that we have a trace of sadness speaks volumes about this campaign. Quick in nature and with a coveted commodity as its offering, it reminds us that while enduring promotions will not fall short of favor, timely ones will show just how much adoration that fans will give to a product. Oreo is quite familiar with rewarding loyalty to its base, and this decision to tackle personalization was bound to be a smash with the Aussies, who were able to watch their faces printed on the jumbo-sized validating examples of how lucky we are to be alive. Speaking of that, we hope Oreo is reading this. We Americans have been extremely receptive to its various delights since 1912. Could we, too, one day soon have an opportunity to indulge in a little personal promotion? After all, nobody does selfies quite like us.

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