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T-shirt Printer Adds Profanity to Kid's Donald Trump Tee

July 12, 2016 | Brendan Menapace

A San Francisco T-shirt printer added a profane message to a 14-year-old's Trump T-shirt. (Image via ABC 7)

A San Francisco T-shirt printer added a profane message to a 14-year-old’s Trump T-shirt. (Image via ABC 7)

There is a time and a place to talk about politics. Sure, it’s great to get into intelligent debates about topics and candidates. And it’s also OK to disagree with what someone else has to say. However, there’s a polite way to voice your opinions and disagree with someone’s ideologies. And then there’s what one T-shirt printer did when a kid wanted a Trump T-shirt.

According to ABC 7, a kid in San Francisco ordered a custom T-shirt through Bang-On T-shirts. He wanted the outside to say “Trump,” but the company added a special message on the inside, which included the “F word.”

The customer, 14-year-old Alexander, described what happened when he ordered the tee.

“They look kind of confused and shocked because I want Trump on it,” he told ABC 7. “And the coworker comes over and reads ‘Trump’ in a disgusted voice.”

He said he called the company to complain, and then posted a video showing the T-shirt online, prompting Yelp users to complain about the business.

Bang-On T-shirts issued an apology on its Facebook page, and offered the customer a full refund. It also said that it terminated the employee responsible for the action.

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