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Taco Bell Releases Wedding-Themed Branded Merchandise Collection

July 10, 2018 | Tom Higgins

In a move that is sure to please fans of faux-Mexican food and tacky weddings everywhere, Taco Bell has released a collection of wedding-themed apparel, accessories and drinkware.

The wedding collection includes a matching T-shirt and tank top set ($20 each), which feature the words “Mr.” and “Mrs.” respectively, making them a plain, if not inventive, alternative to your typical tuxedo and dress. Also featured is a Sauce Packet Bowtie and Sauce Packet Garter, which are both emblazoned with a hot-sauce-packet-inspired design, and also go for $20 a pop. Last but not least, the collection includes a $10 champagne glass set (they’re plastic) decorated with the words “Just Married” and the Taco Bell logo.

Needless to say, the collection is tailor-made for the dreamers, purists and fanatics of Taco Bell fandom. Of course, one has to be a fanatic to willingly consume anything that goes by the name of Cheesy Gordita Crunch or Crunchwrap Supreme, but who are we to judge?

This promotional effort is nothing new for Taco Bell, or for any fast food chain for that matter. Last year, Taco Bell launched its own clothing line in partnership with Forever 21, while in the land of fried chicken, KFC has been going all in on branded merchandise for a few years now.

There are plenty of examples of fast food chains turning to branded merchandise to bolster their brand impressions. So many brands have done it by now, that it’s practically become a right-of-passage in a vertical flooded with competition. As we can tell through the Taco Bell wedding collection, these otherwise enormous, faceless corporations are willing to use zany, bizarre apparel and promotional products to add some humor—and humanity—to their names.

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