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Check Out Taco Bell's Sauce Packet Branded Halloween Costumes

September 24, 2019 | Joseph Myers

Now that fall has arrived, everyone’s rewiring their brains to enjoy the season’s staples, including pumpkin spice everything, playoff baseball and Halloween. With only 38 days remaining until tricks and treats enjoy the limelight, Taco Bell has come up with a scary good concept by issuing costumes that take their inspiration from the company’s quartet of sauce packets.

At this point, we find ourselves fully convinced that Taco Bell’s marketing team spends all its time pondering vivid ways to one-up its previous efforts. In this instance, the brand is making its mark on autumn via the Halloween outfits that exist, according to Alt Press, as the first licensed costumes that the company has created. Available as dresses or tunics, the four apparel options acknowledge the diablo, fire, hot and verde flavors that patrons use to enhance their taco-eating adventures.

Businesses have gone to great lengths to issue branded goods that will complement the food through which they made their initial impressions, and end-users will likely shell out considerable cash to adorn themselves in these costumes. This is not the first time that Taco Bell has acknowledged its sauce packets through a promotional product, and these Halloween duds are a foursome that could make the competition crack as the celebration nears and as enterprises think of ways to supplement their brands’ value to customers.

Since Halloween, long considered an experience for only children to enjoy, is never going to diminish in standing among adults, the sauce packet attire is going to make welcoming Oct. 31 that much more enjoyable for the older set—especially millennials, the proud torchbearers of supporting brands through fashion. Though Taco Bell is acknowledging adults and their affinity for Halloween through these threads, the youngest among us can be not-quite-walking billboards through the seven-layer Burrito Baby costume, which can make an infant’s first Halloween that much more memorable.

Businesses have come to believe that pushing the envelope will always yield well-received products, so while there are certainly naysayers out there who will see these costumes and grow saucy over their very existence, Taco Bell knows its audience quite well and will sate that group with ease and might even draw unexpected interest along the way. As big fans of Halloween ourselves, we will eagerly anticipate our next opportunity to document a company that is seeking to spook its contemporaries through branded costumes.

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