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Taylor Swift Is So Famous That Her Cats Have a Merchandise Line Now

July 31, 2018 | Brendan Menapace

Extremely famous person Taylor Swift obviously sells a ton of merchandise, especially at her live shows. Being one of the most famous people on the planet is good for merchandise sales, after all. But what about being the pet of one of those famous people? Does the transitive property of fame apply there?

Yes, in fact, it looks like it does. Taylor Swift’s two cats, Olivia and Meredith Swift, have their own merchandise line on Swift’s (the singing one, not the meowing ones) online store.

The “brand new line from the cats of our hearts” includes writing instruments, T-shirts, pins, patches, stickers and little carrying pouches.

Some of the items are cat-specific, too, meaning if you’re more of a fan of Olivia than Meredith (though we’re not sure how that’s possible), you can get a pack of Olivia stickers, or vice versa.

Being famous enough that people want to wear your likeness or support your craft through buying merchandise is one thing. But when your pets are involved, that’s some next level commitment. Kudos to Taylor Swift’s marketing team, who obviously see the demand for anything Swift-related.

I’d like to note that my cat has not made me any money in merchandise sales, so we’re going to have a serious talk when I get home.

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