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Tesla Does It Again: $65 Branded Phone Charger Sells Out

September 4, 2018 | Joseph Myers

Here at Promo Markit, certain topics seem destined to remain forever on our radar as sources of writing inspiration. Browse our website and you’ll see that the business dealings of Elon Musk resonate among us, with the eccentric billionaire again hitting our news cycle. No, not over his most recent controversy (Google it), but over the $65 phone charger that fans of his Tesla Inc. brainchild snatched up in under a day.

Thanks to the 15-year-old Tesla and other ventures such as The Boring Company, SpaceX and Neuralink, the 47-year-old magnate has achieved enviable brand awareness, and accounts of the phone charger’s popularity reveal that what Tesla has achieved in that area might top that of what all the others have garnered. The Verge addresses this most vigorously, holding that Tesla, which Musk said in February could experience a “very big year” in 2018, won over so many seekers of wireless smartphone helpers because of the company’s reputation and not necessarily the product’s amenities.

When Musk offered that positive take on what this year would yield, doing so in a letter to shareholders, he certainly meant that “big” would resound as a positive description, but 2018 has not been without setbacks for the entity. Despite those disappointments, the businessman has pressed on, and though Tesla has not confirmed how many chargers it sold, thus making the recent results relative, we are going to presume that its accountants were not light on work.

What, then, ended up charging end-users’ curiosity? According to The Verge, yes, the clout that Tesla carries certainly influenced them, but, obviously, they did not buy the good solely to have an affiliation with the brand. In a far less snarky explanation of the charger, Business Insider offers the following details on the charger:

  • 5W wireless charging.
  • 7W wired charging.
  • USB-A or USB-C charging capability.
  • 21 hours of additional talk time or 18 hours of additional web browsing.
  • An internal battery that can be charged with a USB-A cable from any USB port.

Given that Tesla still has four months to fulfill the claim that this will be a notable year for the company, we fully expect for it to release more chargers. And, since the news has been rife with coverage of Tesla lately, we would not find ourselves surprised if Musk and his peers devise another serious money-making plan. This is, after all, a man who sold flamethrowers through the mail.

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