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The 7 Best Event Giveaways

March 21, 2017 | Hannah Abrams

Event and trade show attendees always will remember a great event giveaway. Even better, they’ll continue to use the item long after the event ends, which increases brand awareness and exposure. If you’re looking for some giveaway inspiration for your next event, these were the seven top-rated giveaways that Reddit loved.

1. Cards Against Humanity’s PWNMeal

(Image via tumblr)

(Image via tumblr)

For PAX East 2014, Cards Against Humanity played a little prank on its booth attendees. The company created a fake extreme oatmeal brand and distributed thousands of packets of instant oatmeal to its patrons.

2. Sony Hand Sanitizer

(Image via tumblr)

(Image via tumblr)

At E3, Sony gave event attendees a Playstation-branded hand sanitizer. Patrons loved having a unique giveaway like this that could only be obtained at the event.

3. American Express Laptop Bags

As part of a giveaway promotion, American Express gave out laptop bags for obtaining its Qantas frequent flyer card.

4. Blekko T-shirts

(Image via Skrentablog)

(Image via Skrentablog)

Now part of IBM’s Watson, Blekko always pulled out all the stops for its T-shirt giveaways at Pubcon.

5. Customized Google Cardboard

(Image via

(Image via

The Google Cardboard event giveaway continues to drive booth traffic and remains a great conversation starter.

6. Warm Cookies


It might seem simple, but warm cookies are always a crowd-pleaser. And, if you’re participating in a trade show, potential customers will follow the delicious smell to your booth every time.

7. Lip Balm


Especially for those events in warm climates, like Las Vegas or Phoenix, lip balm can make all the difference for event attendees.

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