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Bieber's T-shirt Blunder and 6 More Terrible Merchandise Typos

March 28, 2016 | Hannah Abrams

It happens all the time: you’re sending an email to your coworkers, and you accidentally type “Send your sandwich ogres to me by 11:30 a.m.” Your coworkers laugh about it, and maybe nickname you the “sandwich ogre” for a few days, but that’s usually the extent of the mistake. However, if you’re buying promotional products for your events or marketing, your typos could be costly and more than just embarrassing.

Here’s seven tragic typos that were not caught in time.

1) Justin Bieber’s Tour Shirts


The Biebs recently embarked on a massive tour, deemed the “Purpose” tour. On the night of the first performance, an unlucky fan purchased a tour T-shirt that spelled “purpose” incorrectly. The fans were less than pleased with Bieber’s lack of spellcheck.

2) My Little Pony Socks

unnamed (2)

I would imagine whoever was responsible for green-lighting these My Little BONY Socks probably got a slap on the wrist. Imagine buying your son or daughter these socks for his/her birthday, only for them to ask, “Mom, who’s Bony? Why don’t you love me enough to get me My Little Pony socks?”

3) One Direction’s Tour Shirts


It’s probably bad enough your kids are One Direction fans in the first place, but then they keep telling you about their friend’s birthday on the “21th” and you have only One Direction to blame for that grammatical faux pas.

4) Los Angeles Angels Uniforms


If you lived in Los Angeles in 2003 and were having a tough time deciding whether to root for the Dodgers or the Angels, you might have decided your allegiance simply off this embarrassing typo in the Angels’ jerseys. Now, the Los Angeles Angees sounds like a group of ladies from Long Island who know how to have a good time.

5) In Dog We Trust?

download (16)

The Florida sheriff’s department had a rug printed with the phrase “In Dog We Trust,” which was subsequently sold for $,9,650 at auction. Who knew that typos could actually make money?

6) Notre Dame Souvenir Cups


The famed university sold soda cups back in 2013, which featured the incorrectly printed phrase “Figthing Irish” on the top. Safe to say, the students were not happy.

7) Missouri State University’s Book Bags

download (17)

Students at Missouri State University were given an unfortunate gift, a canvas book bag that said “Missouri State Univeristy.” 6,000 bags were distributed, and the University spent $70,844 on the order. A costly mistake for sure.

Typos are an easy thing to avoid, if you make sure to check your merchandise before it goes to the printers.

Once your design is flawless and typo-free, you’re ready to distribute your merchandise on one of these awesome promotional products.

1) T-shirts


Bieber and One Direction might not be able to handle a typo-free tee, but you’ve got them beat.

2) Socks


Everybody loves socks, especially my grandmom. But even millennials love a fashionable and unique pair of socks, especially ones without typos.

3) Jerseys


Perhaps your company could use new softball uniforms this year. Instead of accidentally printing “Promo Markittens,” we’ll be sure to double check our own company name.

4) Cups


Cups make a great reusable promotional product, especially if they’re typo-free.

5) Tote Bags


From students to artists, everyone loves a nice canvas book bag. Just make sure you don’t screen print “Dream Teem” instead of “Dream Team” on it.

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