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Anti-Trump Rioters Steal and Burn $2K in Merchandise

June 7, 2016 | Hannah Abrams

The 2016 election season is heating up… literally. An anti-Donald Trump protest turned violent in Albuquerque, N.M., according to KRQE-TV, with protesters stealing and burning thousands of dollars in Donald Trump political merchandise.

An anti

An anti-Donald Trump protest turned violent with protesters stealing and burning merchandise. (Image via KRQE-TV)

The company that supplied the political merchandise, The Political Mint, wants those responsible to be prosecuted. Greg Richards, a manager of The Political Mint, told KRQE-TV that the company lost $2,000 in merchandise as a result of the violent riot.

According to Richards, protesters were able to break through police barricades to ransack the vendors’ merchandise.  “I’ve been doing these political things since ’92. That’s probably the scariest moment I’ve ever had,” he said. “We ended up having to get out of the area and leave our tables.”

Businesses in Albuquerque have donated $12,000 in reward money to arrest the violent protestors responsible, and the Albuquerque police have already made three arrests last week with more promised.

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