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TUMS Is Curing Cleveland's LeBron Heartbreak With Promotional Antacids Giveaway

July 10, 2018 | Brendan Menapace

The loss of LeBron James to Los Angeles has surely been hard on Cleveland. There, he was much more than an athlete. And in a city where basketball is the only real hope of a championship (or even a few wins in the case of the Browns), having someone like LeBron as the talisman is a big deal.

So, when he decided to switch coasts, he left Cleveland with a deep pain in their stomach that only one thing can cure: antacids.

That’s why TUMS is giving out its antacids as a promotional item at the first Cavs home game next year.

“Hey Cleveland, is basketball free agency mania triggering heartburn? TUMS feels your pain, and will deliver free TUMS at the first home game of next season if your star decides to take his talents to another team,” TUMS brand manager Valeria Saccol said, according to “TUMS may not be able to convince him to stay in The Land, but at least we can provide heartburn relief for fans who need it.”

What’s funniest about this (to all of us outside of Cleveland, at least) is this isn’t even the first time a pharmaceutical company has used its products to ease the intense pain of being a Cleveland sports fan. It wasn’t even the first time in, like, five years.

Last year, Excedrin funded the Browns’ “Perfect Season” Parade, celebrating the Browns’ impressive feat of finishing the season 0-16. Excedrin forked up almost $8,000 for the parade.

“All sports fans have felt a team, game or even single play-induced headache at some point,” the company said, according to “This season has been especially painful for Cleveland football fans. We want them to know we understand their pain and we’re here to help.”

For happier fans that still might get heartburn this summer, TUMS has been supplying a “summer kit” with products like canvas totes, travel cups, inflatable rafts and (obviously) antacids.

We’ve said it a million times: The best promotional products are the ones that satisfy a need and are products that clients will actually use. With a bleak outlook this year for the Cavs, Clevelanders will happily take some TUMS to ease the pain of loss, or at least the inevitable self-medication of greasy food and beer at the arena.

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